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Wall Spray

Wall spray application is another way of installing insulation in the walls of your home. It is a cellulose product (made of newspaper and paper by products) and treated with Boric Acid as a flame retardant. It is then soaked in water to provide Excess insulation is removed a slurry, which when blown by the spray machine, adheres to the sheetrock between the wall studs and fills in every nook and cranny in the wall.

When the cellulose dries, it is then covered over by your wall finishing and provides a very tight insulation package. A dry application is used in the attic and does not require any water to apply.

There is a wait time for the wall cellulose to dry before the wall finish can be installed. This is usually not too long in our dry desert air.

The different applications available will be discussed and reviewed by you and your estimator when you go over your project. Wall spray is an alternative method of insulation in your new home and is worth looking at before you make up your mind which one to use.