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Banker Insulation is very proud of its commercial insulation department. Our people are some of the finest installers in the business and are trained in all the applications and materials necessary to do the job correctly.

Your architect will specify the type of material that we will use on your project, and you can be assured that the finished product will comply with his or her specifications.

Insulation comes in many forms - several different types of foam, unfaced and Kraft faced batts, rigid fiberglass, blown fiberglass and cellulose to name a few.

Several applications use a covering, such as foil, vinyl or paper. These applications are usually in ceiling areas where the insulation is left exposed and visible. This covering gives the area a finished look.

Commercial insulation is limited only by the architects imagination and creativity.

Banker Insulation works with contractors, architects and suppliers daily and knows best how to “get the job done”. We also conform and are guided by OSHA regulations and safety standards.