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Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation Installation

Anyone who has made a trip to the attic has probably encountered fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass is a very common form of insulation used for both residential and commercial purposes.  Fiberglass insulation is usually packaged in rolls, or batts, which are stapled in place. It can also be applied as loose fill which is blown into attics, walls and floor cavities.

Fiberglass insulation is manufactured from small strands of glass fiber which are woven together.  The tightly woven fiber works by trapping pockets of air to slow the transference of hot or cold air. This insulation is offered in different thicknesses with different degrees of resistance, known as R-Value. According to some sources, it can reduce residential energy costs up to 40%.  It also dampens sound creating a quieter environment.  

This form of insulation has been widely used since its invention in the late 1930’s as a replacement for asbestos.  It’s lightweight, cost-effective, and won’t burn or absorb water. However, because of the material it’s made from, you must use a certain amount of caution when handling fiberglass insulation. Direct contact can cause irritation, itching and rashes as well as respiratory issues if inhaled.  Long sleeves, gloves and a mask are recommended when handling this type of insulation.

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