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Injection Foam Insulation

Injection FoamInjection foam insulation is a specially designed product specifically for enclosed cavity applications such as stud walls, cathedral ceilings, and used in concrete block walls retrofitting. It is especially useful for eliminating hot spots and cold spots common to other types of insulation.

As the foam insulation is injected, it flows around pipes, wires, outlet boxes, and even existing insulation within walls.  When used for concrete block fill, it can be top-filled and it easily flows from core to core.

Injection foam is energy efficient, has sound dampening benefits and provides a level of pest control. Unlike other insulation materials, injection foam never loses the shape of the cavity it fills and won’t sag or compress over time.

The foam has the consistency of shaving cream when injected allowing it to flow freely but then sets slowly in order to reduce pressure. While spray foam sets in seconds, injection foam takes several minutes to set completely.

Another benefit is that injection foam can be applied from the exterior of a home although some instances require interior injection.

To learn about all of the benefits for injection foam insulation, contact the professional insulation contractors at Banker Insulation.