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Insulation, is necessary in homes in order to retard the transfer of heat to cold in the exterior walls of the structure.This is accomplished by using different applications to suit the area where the insulation is needed.

One method is the use of Batts, which is insulation manufactured in rolls and friction fitted in between the wall studs and covered over by the interior wall material, such as sheet rock or paneling, etc.

Another is loose fill, which is usually blown into the attic areas and is installed to a higher “R” rating than the walls, due to the fact that the heat transfer is greater vertically. (Heat rises and such).There are many different “R” ratings and the higher the “R” rating, the higher the insulating capabilities of the product used.

These applications are basic and there are other ways to install these products. Without this insulation the heat and cold transfer is accelerated and your heating and cooling units would be running almost non-stop. Very expensive in energy costs. A good insulation package will eventually pay for itself in money and energy saved.

The application of the different types of insulation depends on your particular needs and would be determined by you and the estimator when you discuss your particular home. Banker Insulation has been in business for over 27 years and is expert on insulation needs for new homes as well as used.

Banker Insulation can insulate one home or a tract of homes as needed, and would be happy to discuss your particular project and provide you with our expertise where needed. This is only a light summary of insulation needs, please call our estimators and they will provide you with whatever information is necessary to get your project going.