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Recessed Light Cover Insulation

Recessed lights and speaker are fairly commonplace in home construction these days.  While these recessed items look great, they can also allow air to leak through creating hot and cold spots through your home. They can also be affected by moisture, mold & pests.

Unique insulation covers, such as from CanCoverIt, can help fix hot/cold drafts, protect recessed products from moisture, optimize LED bulb performance, all while saving you money on your cooling and heating costs.

This flexible air-sealing products are covered with a radiant barrier combined with non-conduction mold and fire resistant core to stop air flow, water, sound and energy transfer to optimize your overall insulation efficiency. By isolating fixtures from the attic environment will help keep your home warmer or cooler as needed.

When it comes to insulation, nobody knows more than the insulation professionals at Banker Insulation. Call us for a quote to help you save money on your energy bills!