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Residential Homes are insulated for comfort in the different seasons and for economy of heating and cooling costs.

Banker Insulation employs skilled personnel and has an ongoing training program that teaches both safety and the latest procedures for installation of all types of applications that different homes may require. This insures top quality workmanship.

A well insulated home will have no gaps in the insulation and all cracks will be filled with the insulating product. The purpose is to eliminate any air infiltration, as any area that is not insulated properly will lose energy for the life of the home.

The region you live in, will of course, determine how much insulation you will need to keep your house comfortable. What is adequate in Southern California, may be inadequate in Montana.

As you are planning your new home, you will have many options and upgrades available to you. Carpet, tile, appliances and many other choices and these can be upgraded at a later date.

However, insulation in the walls is the one application that is all but impossible to upgrade after the sheetrock is put up, because to put more insulation in there, you would have to tear down the sheetrock. You should keep this in mind when you decide how much insulation to put in your walls.

One must note that the ceiling area is the greatest source of heat loss and if the house has an attic, additional insulation can be added later. This “R” factor will be explained to you by your estimator.

As a new home owner, you must be aware that a good insulation package will pay itself back in added comfort and energy savings over the years.

Whether you have one home or a tract of homes, Banker can do the job right.

Contact your Banker Insulation estimator for help with all your insulation needs.

Banker is the company that knows best what your insulation needs are.