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why spray polyurethane foamWhat is Spray Foam Insulation?

If you are looking to save on energy costs and improve the comfort of your home, spray foam insulation may be the right choice for you. The official product is called spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and is made by combining to two liquid chemicals. As the two chemicals are mixed, they react to create expanding foam that insulates, air seals and provides a barrier to moisture.  

There are many benefits to spray polyurethane foam insulation.  Namely, it is known to resist heat transfer extremely well and is greatly beneficial to reducing air infiltration through cracks, joints and seams. SPF works well around corners and on rounded surfaces also. It hardens quickly on contact creating a tight seal and insulation barrier.

There are different types of SPF and it is important to discuss with your spray foam contractor which is best suited for your project.  Some of the differences include resistance to water and the ability to absorb sound.  Interior or exterior is a determining factor as well.

Applications varies as well depending on the size of the project. Larger projects use a high pressure, two-component system where small and mid-size projects typically use a low pressure system. 

If you are in need of spray foam installation, contact Banker Insulation today!  Our spray foam contractors are experienced and dedicated to doing the job right!